Relationships Can Last Forever

How would you love to have the exact skills and experiences to be the perfect mate? 


Joyfully Married After exists to bring clarity around the true purpose in your marriage that you want to fulfill.

Here's what it looks like to fail...File for divorce, which is about 15k, sell the house or move out. Plus you may get to see the kids every once and a while. Then you have to deal with another person interacting or raising YOUR children that you may or may know.

Joyfully Married After is a program that will change your legacy and change your family tree.

 1988 We had been dating about 1 month. 

1988 We had been dating about 1 month. 



You want to acquire the skills that will prepare you for and enable you to flourish in your relationship.


 1990 Just Married!   

1990 Just Married!




You want to avoid the bad tendencies from past failed relationships and create new habits for the long term.


28 years strong!


Married Couples

You want to grow and become healthier, more insightful and fulfilled in your relationsip.



What do people say about premarital programs today?

Too Boring

Not practical enough

Too Expensive

Heavy Religious Overtones

Schedule Confilcts with Counselor

Usually taught by an Individual, not a married couple

Schedule conflicts with a therapist or pastor



Regardless of your current relationship status, if you're committed to being better, healthier and more insightful in your relationships, understand your partner better, and improve communication, this course is for you! We promise you our commitment is to have fun, be practical, and not too preachy.



Joyfully Married after

In One Hour...

we will help bring clarity around:

1. Learning the true purpose in YOUR marriage that you want to fulfill.

2. Identifying YOUR love Languages and what to do next.

3. Knowing YOUR family's traditions and how to make them work with YOUR partners traditions.

4. Intentionally Loving YOUR Spouse

5. Learning YOUR Values on Sex, Money and Faith

6. Identifying most of YOUR personality quirks during regular tasks.

7. Learning the best way YOU communicate.

8. Revealing all social expectations of YOUR marriage.

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Twenty-six years of marriage says that you two certainly are qualified to give YOUR perspective on what may or may not work in a relationship.
— S.B.
Thanks for being authentic and transparent!
— K.W.
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The service you are providing cannot be overstated...truly inspirational and informative, a blessing to all.
— L.A>
So awesome and theraputic..for many couples.
— L.P.




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