About Us


Hi Loves, Heath and Tracy here.

Heath here! Native of historical Southwest Atlanta. Graduate of Howard University. Lover of Queen Tracy, conversation and motivation. I had an epic model to follow in my parents who were married for 47 years before dad transitioned to Heaven. The life and I have and the lives of our 4 children is deeper, broader, & richer because of my “Joyful Union” with Tracy. Enduring imperfect early years has lead us to a wonderful place today. 27 years of marriage, 4 children teach you a lot!

Hi loves! I’m Tracy! I was Cheerleader Captain, academic over achiever, native of North Palm Beach Florida. Even Though my parents divorced when I was young, I was blessed with loving blended families and an angel of a grandmother who poured into to me some of the “graces” of what being a good wife entailed. I truly benefitted from the “Village” raising me. I kissed some frogs along the way and since I met Heath at Howard, my life has never been the same!