Prepare to be Joyfully Married After

My marriage counseling session in 1990 was more like a fast food drive-thru chat than anything else.

“Why do you want to be married?"

"What makes you think you’re ready?"

"Ok, that will be the rest of your life, please." What!?

Hey, in 1990, that’s how it was done.

Although this is somewhat of an exaggeration of what I received, it's not far from what happened.

I was fortunate enough that my parents were married for 47 years before my dad passed away. And had a wonderful model to follow and a vivid image of what marriage should look like. They were a traditional pair as you would expect from people who grew up in the 1930s and 40s. Dad, the rugged man, tall and strong, dashing and charismatic. Mom, a bit introverted, gorgeous, and very much a lady. However, I witnessed two people executing against life in non-traditional ways as well. I saw them playing to their strengths and doing things in non-traditional ways as well.

My dad was the school teacher, and mom was the higher paid administrator. Dad frequently did the grocery shopping for the household and he also was the chauffeur to all of my baseball practices and games while mom was frequently working and rarely attended my games.
This model that I had was fantastic but there were lots of gaps that I had when it was time for me to tie the knot. So I thought to myself, people should have a better idea of the basics when it comes to marriage.

Tracy and I have been married for 27 years, have sisters, aunts and uncles that have now been married for many decades and we’ve been blessed with many experiences that can help people. Thus, the reason we decided to write this blog.

If you’re single and never been married, divorced and thinking of marriage again, or maybe you’ve started a new marriage and really want to give it your best shot. If any of these statements for you is true, then this blog is for you!

Tracy and I are relationship strategists specializing in premarital preparedness and intermarital improvement. We want our community married and motivated!

So this blog is written for you. As you’re reading it, use it this way.
The beginning of this blog will talk about how we feel that you should think about marriage itself, the complexity of dating today and the realities of life with technology. The middle of it attempts to attack inevitable conflict that you’ll experience in a marital relationship along with a common sense approach to wedding costs. We end it with some self-awareness prompting, where we encourage you to validate your marital readiness and knowing what that special mate is actually like in that “picture perfect marriage".

Special thanks to my queen, Tracy for being my Ace, my best friend for 30 years now.


I love you, baby. To our children, Jasmine, Addison, William, and Brendan, all of whom are teens or 20 somethings now, you are completely awesome. Thanks so much for being on this ride with us.


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