Are You "Marriage Material"?

This is a key question that you must ask yourself IF you want to be married. Am I actually marriage material? Am I a “catch”? Am I someone that brings another tremendous value and partnership, physically, mentally, and spiritually? Here are 5 ways that we think that you could know. Sure, there are other ways to know as well, however, here are 5 that we feel strongly about.
Things to consider prior to making the decision to marry him/her.”

“Give your potential partner time to grow. Encourage them to finish a degree or some type of schooling or certification. Often, there could be a transition into a new job. Your potential mate may need a little time to travel for work or work through new logistics, get a new job etc. If you give them time, space and support without needing to “guilt trip” them about getting married immediately, you are probably marriage material.

Constantly Make mental notes and evaluate the relationship and the person's daily behavior. What if they don't change anything about themselves forever? Would you be good with that? How do they handle adversity? What are they like when they get upset about an issue. How do you handle adversity yourself? Do you and your potential mate tackle things together? Are you a good team. What if they’re a smoker and you aren’t? Can you handle that ok? Discuss these kinds of things and how you’ll work through them.

Talk and ask lots of questions first! Have conversations FIRST, Not last.”

“Actually, courting that person with intent to marry. (Dating with a purpose.)
When you evaluate your potential mate, make sure you check out yourself as well and this process can help you know if you’re marriage material. Remember, you can evaluate someone without being judgemental. Don’t sabotage a great relationship because you’re being too critical of another person.

Add skills-In business and home keeping, the more skill you have, the more valuable you are to your place of employment and around the house. Adding value and skills ensure employment, promotion, pay increases and other positive outcomes.
Similarly, deploying housekeeping skills (cleaning, homemaking/cooking, financial skills; skills around savings, investing and dealing with debt are all skills that will help to make you a great marriage partner.) These may seem like basics to some, but many do not and not having these skills can take a relationship to a bad place unnecessarily…You have bigger fish to fry in life than to argue about who is going to do the dishes…

If any of these things are issues for you, get some mentorship from couples who have this kind of thing mastered, or go online where you can learn about anything, and frequently for free or for very little money relatively speaking.

Finding joy when you are single.In any relationship that you have, the one constant is YOU. Make sure that you’re making the decision to be joyful, to be happy every day. Read some motivational books if you need to, take some vitamins or other supplements to enhance your energy and vigor. Maybe you need to get around more positive people. Whatever it is, identify it and take action. Learn to love yourself, appreciate life and its immense possibilities. Doing these kinds of things will help you become a complete and whole person. Therefore when you meet that special someone, you will be excellent marriage material and move into something even greater.

Delete some things. “You can’t do the same thing over and over and expect a different result” as the saying goes”.

(Some credit this statement to Albert Einstein & some to “Alcoholics Anonymous, but regardless, it is a true and poignant statement.)So if you want to get to a different place in life, it may involve getting around different people and even eliminating some toxic friends, and toxic thought processes. Delete the bad and add strategic good. Eliminate debt and sometimes even meddling family members that are not supportive may need to be kept at a distance.
Remember: No one will be perfect in the beginning the middle or the end and that includes YOU. However (A.B.G.B.) Always be getting better. Enjoy your life, don’t be too judgemental and continue to read, pray and improve yourself. My wife loves to remind me that I’m not perfect, but I’m perfect for her.”


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